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Need help with using WebInbox? We tell you how to use it and how useful it can be for you.
How to create my WebInbox Account?
  1. Click on "Sign Up"
  2. Type your alias nickname. It can be anything you want as long as it follows the rules.
  3. Then type your password. Make sure you use a different password to strengthen your security.
  4. Then choose a photo that you can use as your profile image (optional but not required.)
How to send mail to another user.
  1. Click on "Mail"
  2. Then below the mail inboxes type your contact's user identity into "To:" text box.
  3. Then once your done typing your Subject (Required), Messages (Optional) and Attachment (Optional). Click Send button and your message will be sent to the recipt
How to use the Developer API (For web developers)
  1. REQUIRES: PHP 5 or Higher, PHP Curl Extension and your Developer API Key.
  2. Download the API.zip file and extract it to your website's document root.
  3. In your PHP Document file for example "register.php" make sure you add the first line 'include "webinbox_api.php";'
  4. Also you may need to add your Developer API Key to $api = "YOURAPIKEY"; in your PHP file before using any functions.
  5. To send a individual a message use sendmail("example@user_identity", "Subject", "message");
  6. To send to a list of users a message use mass_sendmail("Subject", "Message", "example@user_identity,user@user_identity,etc@user_identity", ","); as this will send each user a message by the delimiter.
  7. To read your messages use receive_mail("inbox");